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To improve users' browsing, we may integrate content from other sites such as Scribblelive into our site. When you visit our site, cookies are installed from the following third party sites:

Facebook Cookies: These are used to gather information about your location, language and user software, enabling you to enable general Facebook features such as 'share' or 'like'. These cookies allow you to improve your browsing, as they remember the actions and preferences of users.
Cookies generated by Scribblelive: Used to track user behavior (real-time statistics of user activity on a page, where they click, etc.). Information about the number of pages visited, the number of visitors simultaneously on them, the length of time they visit, the number of comments posted, etc., makes it easier to navigate.
New Relic Cookies: These are specifically used to analyze the functioning and performance of websites through real-time statistics on server usage and health diagnosis.
Gigya Cookies: are used for commercial purposes. Contains information about user behavior and preferences. Can be used to send advertising.
Statcounter cookies: They work more or less like Google Analytics cookies. They are used to determine the number of visitors on a page, their location, etc. They are used for administrative purposes and not for commercial purposes.
Shalom Nature Herbal Shop does not control the information obtained through cookies.

For more information, see the privacy policy of their sites.

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