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The medicinal property of the plant is the bark, which must be boiled and eaten in the form of tea.

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Yellow uxi

Brazilians are experts at finding medicinal properties in plants and use them in time to treat allergies , chronic diseases and diseases of various kinds , then dispensing the medicines .

One of these plants is the Yellow Uxi , a tree that can exceed thirty feet in height and one meter in diameter .

The tree belongs to the family of humiriáceas , straight and smooth trunk with gray bark and toothed leaves, is native to the Amazon , and can be found in terra firme forests in Para and Amazonas .

This tree produces fruit about six inches long in the pods with edible pulp format.

The medicinal property

of the plant is the bark , which must be boiled and eaten in the form of tea.

medicinal Properties The bark of the Yellow Uxi has potent anti -inflammatory , antioxidant , antiviral , diuretic , immunostimulant , cell regenerating , anthelmintic , cytostatic , antitumor , antihypertensive and depurative .

The bark of the plant is often used to treat menstrual disorders , bleeding , ulcers , gastritis , endometriosis , infection of bone and urinary tract infections.

The bark of this tree native to the Amazon is also known for treating fibroids , but in this particular case it must be combined with cat's claw , a plant -shaped vine also Amazonian origin that has small spines , very similar to the nails of cats .

Side effects and contraindications

Before ingesting these teas , considered miraculous , it is recommended to make a visit to a doctor , since the medication may cause serious complications to the body .

Anyway, these teas should not be consumed by pregnant women, fetuses may receive as cytotoxic effects or breastfeeding women , people suffering from autoimmune diseases, multiple sclerosis or tuberculosis that have undergone organ transplantation, as that substances present in plants can thin the blood and cause bleeding, or who are users of hypotensive .

When ingested , these teas may cause diarrhea, nausea , abdominal pain and alter stool consistency.

The internet is also quite common to find texts encouraging the intake of tea by women who are trying to conceive .

But such an attitude is questionable , since the anti - inflammatory action of the plant can result in problems for the fetus .

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The medicinal property of the plant is the bark, which must be boiled and eaten in the form of tea.